Miss Vinyl online store officially closes

Official Announcement

on March 31th 2019

You going to say « Again ?!! ». You got used to my numerous coming back moves like an old movie star refusing to exit stage. It was a very hard choice to make. I’ve got a warrior state of mind « never give up, never surrender ». I’m not afraid to try anything, smash doors or scream to be heard.

This time, I must face it, my baby of 16 years, my company became weak without nutriments or oxygen. The only solution is unplugged it to stop the sufferings. It’s a graphic picture as violent as our liberal society not very empathic towards transient difficulties.

Recently, the doll market has deteriorated at a high speed (so have our french social and economic backgrounds). It has become almost impossible to work properly and humanely. All my values (the love of well done work, respect and the word given) drowned in the meanders of an ultra-fast market, eager for immediate novelties, junk-dolls to throw after consumption.

What made the salt of this business, the artists and designers, are no longer heard or taken in reference in favor of models flavorless designs and uniformly sweetened products, easy and quick to sell.

Good old business sense has even been eradicated. So no, I won’t sell a 60th birthday Barbie that looks like a Christmas Barbie sold in drugstores, a new revolutionary Phyn & Aero doll but looks like the old ones, the ever same doll in a different hairstyle or an American Girl look alike in cheaper condition . The lack of creativity seen at Nuremberg ToyFair has just speeded my decision.

The doll world we used to know lives its last moments. He must re-invent itself, understand that a child today has other aspirations than dreaming of an idiot pony, that an informed collector can’t be thrilled by glued glitter and cheap fabrics.

My mind is ready for this fight but unfortunately not my body. I really must take time to stop the machine (which I haven’t actually done in recent years) in order to avoid the worst. As selling and trading is the most stressful and physically taxing task, I stop my sales business.

But because dolls are a passion:

  • I keep writing my blog where I will give you my opinion on the dolls, the people who manufacture them and the world in which they sell,
  • I keep taking pictures that are the expression of my most artistic sense
  • I deepen writing and editing because it is a growing desire
  • I remain Miss Vinyl (name copyrighted), no longer the retailer but the witted collector.

All this, between looking for a new job and a new place to live.

Once again, I thank you my friends and clients for your fidelity and your passion. My frenzied optimism does not oblige me to say “goodbye” but rather “good luck” on roads that may lead us to meet again.

Faithfully and sincerely,

Cecile Miss Vinyl