The Wicked Witch of the Crisis


It’s been a tough decision but I chose to put Miss Vinyl Boutique on hold.

Why ? The market apaty causing weariness, the lack of suppliers, a limited offer. It’s more and more difficult to work with respect and efficiency. I’m fighting shipping delays, cancelled orders for no told reasons, new items that last a month, giant retailers who don’t pay taxes in France and an ever growing lack of faith from suppliers in their own lines of products.

This also causes fatigue: the increasingly requirement of consumers, the race for fading profitability, lack of recognition from business partners transform the journey into a nightmare. Like Dorothy, I was struck in a poppy field by the Wicked Witch of the Crisis.

I’ve been fighting for my survival for 4 years now. A chain of personal and physiological events had a snowball effect on an already exhausted body leading to a burnout.

I’ve worked as an independant for 25 years. I managed a graphic studio first then started the retail adventure. I’ve always work in my passion fields (music, art, dolls) and didn’t put limits, who can when it’s all about passion ?

Time passing, I feel like a guinea pig in a wheel. You don’t know how to stop or how to do it. Going on vacation for a week seems shameful. You spend your nights anticipating sales and problems and don’t see you body sending you huge red flags because you’re so busy finding solutions.

Thank God, I haven’t lost my passion. I still am and will ever be a doll fanatic. I just drop my too heavy and obsolete tools. I will go on talking about dolls, taking pictures through my blog, Pinterest and Facebook page. This adventure brought me many friends and warm experiences I don’t want to loose.

I take one year to think about Miss Vinyl’s future according the market flows, find a new way of selling and and most important, take care of myself.

Miss Vinyl is not dead !

Only the online store you used to know will close on January 2nd, 2017.

Follow me on Miss Vinyl Blog, Pinterest and Facebook page in my new adventures.

I’ve got some projects so stay tuned!

Sincerely and faithfully,

Cecile Miss Vinyl